Thursday, August 12, 2010

Last Post, and Belated

Now back in the US for several days, I admit that I slacked during the last couple weeks in Rwanda as far as posting. It was a busy time, full of work and seeing new parts of the country. I will just give brief highlights and pictures.

I took a trip to Lake Kivu on the Congo border - it was gorgeous. Apparently the lake has the potential to explode though.

Visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre. My memory of it is overshadowed by one sign. "Please do not step on mass graves."

Ice cream at Sweet Dreams. Movie nights at my friend Jeremy's house. One of the best meals in Rwanda (I even enjoyed okra!) prepared by Amir, a living test of one's stereotyping. My last night a whirl of salsa dancing, old friends, and going home at dawn.

Thanks to everyone in Rwanda, Kenya, and the US who made this trip possible and made it the incredible experience it was, with all of its challenges, lessons, and rewards.

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